ABLIC Launches the S-19213/4 Series of 500mA, 1000mA LDO Regulators for Automotive Use

ABLIC S-19213 S-19214

The new S-19213/4 Series combines the industry’s lowest current consumption of 5.0 μA with high output current! Enables direct connection to a 12 V battery, ideal for reducing ECU standby current.

ABLIC Inc. launched the 500 mA/1000 mA S-19213/4 Series of LDO regulators that combine ultra-low self-current consumption with high output current.

ABLIC - S-19213, S-19214

The new S-19213/4 Series of automotive LDO regulators features a 36 V (45 V rating) input, 1.8 – 30 V output, 5.0 μA self-current consumption, 125 °C operation and 500 mA (S-19213)/ 1000 mA (S-19214) output current. The ultra-low self-current consumption in standby mode helps reduce standby current, while high-power dissipation during operation enables supply of high output current.

The S-19213/4 Series complies with both the AEC-Q100 automotive IC quality standard and the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

The greater multi-functionality and electrification of the automobile has meant a steady increase in the number of ECUs in automobiles. For this reason, the standby current permissible for each ECU is minuscule. Therefore it is essential to lower not only the current consumption of microcontrollers, but also the self-current consumption of the power-supply ICs to reduce the standby current. Other factors, such as the multi-functionality of microcontrollers, mean the units need an ever-increasing amount of current to operate.

The S-19213/4 Series will serve to lower ECU standby current by balancing the conflicting needs of low self-current consumption and high output current.

Major Features

  • Ultra-low self-current consumption, fast transient response, and high-accuracy output voltage
  • The 36 V input/45 V rating high output current voltage regulators with ultra-low self-current consumption of 5.0 μA enable direct connection to battery
  • An external adjustment pin enables flexible output voltage settings between 1.8 – 30 V
  • Automotive grade

The S-19213/4 Series has been subjected to the three-temperature test (low, normal and high temperature). It will comply with the AEC-Q100 reliability and quality test defined by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC). It is also in compliance with the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

Application Examples

  • Constant-voltage power supplies for electrical applications for vehicle interior
  • For automotive use (engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, EV/HEV/PHEV and other devices)
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