New Front-end Module for WLAN and LAA

Skyworks SKY85774-1

Skyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY85774-1 a highly integrated 5 GHz front-end module (FEM) that supports simultaneous WLAN and licensed assisted access (LAA) protocols. This advanced module incorporates a power amplifier, low-noise amplifier with bypass, and an SPDT transmit/receive switch. This FEM solution is released on a leading mobile connectivity reference design.

Skyworks - SKY85774-1


  • LNA with power splitter, allowing simultaneous Wi-Fi and LAA receive functionality
  • High performance power amplifier, increasing range and saving power
  • Transmit/receive switch, eliminating external devices and reducing PCB area
  • Compact 20-pin 2.2 × 3 package
SKY85774-11 Block Diagram
SKY85774-11 Block Diagram.


  • Integrated high-performance 5 GHz PA, harmonic filter, LNA with bypass, and SPDT switch
  • Fully matched input and output
  • Transmit gain: 31 dB
  • Receive gain: 12.5 dB
  • Output power: +19 dBm, MCS7, HT20
  • Output power: +17.5 dBm, MCS9, HT80
  • Nominal supply voltage: 3.7 V
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