Ampleon cost-optimised 250W LDMOS for 2.45GHz ISM applications and solid-state cooking

Ampleon BLP2425M10S250P

Ampleon announced the BLP2425M10S250P, a 250 W RF power transistor for solid-state cooking and industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications in the 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz frequency band.

Ampleon - BLP2425M10S250P

Using Ampleon’s tenth-generation LDMOS process, BLP2425M10S250P operates with 67% drain efficiency, saving energy and simplifying the cooling requirements in high-power systems. Changing from a traditional ceramic to a plastic package makes BLP2425M10S250P a cost-effective alternative to replace traditional 2.45 GHz magnetrons. The ability to accurately adjust output power and frequency make solid-state RF amplifiers particularly suitable for industrial applications such as plasma generation, and for the emerging solid-state cooking market.

The high reliability and operating lifetime of LDMOS technology provides a significant advantage, avoiding the need to regularly replace magnetrons which rapidly degrade (reducing output power) and eventually fail in normal operation. Operating from a 32 V DC supply, BLP2425M10S250P does not require the dangerous high voltages needed by magnetrons, an important requirement for medical and consumer applications.

The 20% ($/watt) price reduction achieved with BLP2425M10S250P will speed up the adoption of solid-state cooking and heating, allowing more applications to benefit from the closed-loop control of LDMOS RF power technology.

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