First GaN FET with 1 milliohms on-resistance announced by EPC

Efficient Power Conversion EPC2361

EPC introduces the 100 V, 1 mOhm EPC2361 GaN FET in compact 3 mm × 5 mm QFN package, offering higher power density for DC-DC conversion, fast charging, motor drives, and solar MPPTs.

EPC launches the 100 V, 1 mOhm EPC2361. This is the lowest on-resistance GaN FET on the market offering double the power density compared to EPC’s prior-generation products.

Efficient Power Conversion - EPC2361

The EPC2361 has a typical RDS(on) of just 1 mOhm in a thermally enhanced QFN package with exposed top and tiny, 3 mm × 5 mm, footprint. The maximum RDS(on) × Area of the EPC2361 is 15 mΩ·mm2 – over five times smaller than comparable 100 V silicon MOSFETs.

With its ultra-low on-resistance, the EPC2361 enables higher power density and efficiency in power conversion systems, leading to reduced energy consumption and heat dissipation. This breakthrough is particularly significant for applications such as high-power PSU AC-DC synchronous rectification, high frequency DC-DC conversion for data centers, motor drives for eMobility, robotics, drones, and solar MPPTs.

Development board

The EPC90156 development board is a half bridge featuring the EPC2361 GaN FET. It is designed for 100 V maximum device voltage and xx A maximum output current. The purpose of this board is to simplify the evaluation process of power systems designers to speed their product’s time to market. This 2” × 2” (50.8 mm × 50.8 mm) board is designed for optimal switching performance and contains all critical components for easy evaluation.

The EPC90156 development board
The EPC90156 development board.

Price and availability

The EPC2361 is priced at $4.60 each in 3 Ku volumes.

The EPC90156 development board is priced at $200.00 each.

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