Lowest On-resistance 150 V and 200 V Transistors on the Market Now Shipping from GaN Leader EPC

EPC EPC2304 EPC2305

EPC introduces the 150 V, 3 mΩ EPC2305 and the 200 V, 5 mΩ EPC2304 GaN FETs in a thermally enhanced QFN package with exposed top and tiny 3 mm × 5 mm footprint.

EPC - EPC2304, EPC2305

These devices are the lowest on-resistance (RDS(on)) FETs in the market at 150 V and 200 V in a size that is fifteen times smaller than alternative Si MOSFETs. In addition to offering devices with half the on-resistance and fifteen times smaller, QG, QGD, QOSS are more than three times smaller than Si MOSFETs and the reverse recovery charge (QRR), is zero. These characteristics result in switching losses that are six times smaller in both hard switching and soft switching applications. The driver losses are three times less than silicon solutions and ringing and overshoot are both significantly reduced.

For sinusoidal BLDC motor drives, these devices enable < 20 ns deadtime and higher frequency to reduce noise, minimize size to allow for integration with the motor, reduce the input filter and eliminate the electrolytic capacitors, and increase motor + driver efficiency more than 8% by eliminating vibrations and distortions. This makes them ideal for forklift, escooter, eMobility, robots, and power tool motor drives.

For DC-DC conversion operating from 80 V – 20 V, the EPC2304 and EPC2305 enable higher switching frequency and up to five times higher density, and higher efficiency to simplify cooling.

These devices also provide higher efficiency, reduced size and weight, and robust reliability that are required for solar optimizers and microinverters.

Development Board

The EPC90140 development board is a half bridge featuring the EPC2304 GaN FET and the EPC90143 development board is a half bridge featuring the EPC2305 GaN FET. The purpose of these boards is to simplify the evaluation process and speed time to market. The 2” × 2” (50.8 mm × 50.8 mm) boards are designed for optimal switching performance and contain all critical components for easy evaluation.

EPC90140 development board
EPC90140 development board.

Price and Availability

The EPC2304 is priced at $5.25 each in 1 Ku volumes and the EPC2305 is priced at $4.95 each in 1 Ku volumes.

The EPC90140 and EPC90143 development boards are priced at $200.00 each.

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