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  1. Active-Semi adds ACT88430 to its power management portfolio with increased efficiency and reduced output voltages down to 0.6 V covering present and future processor solutions. The ACT88430 is the next generation ActiveCiPSTM Power Management IC ...
  2. Active-Semi announced the first member of a new family of PAC® high-performance motor controllers with the PAC5523 IC. It is supported by an Evaluation Kit (EVK) and accompanying firmware for easy and fast evaluation of advanced motor control ...
  3. Supply active-semi ACT2861 ACT5101 ACT5102
    active-semi releases its first buck-boost devices, the I 2 C programmable output buck-boost converter ACT5101 , the fixed output buck-boost converter ACT5102 , and the I 2 C programmable ACT2861 JEITA compliant buck-boost charger. The ACT2861, ...
  4. Supply Power Active-Semi ACT410 ACT411
    Active-Semi International, Inc. Announces the release of a New Family of High Performance Quasi Resonant (QR) mode PSR Regulators: ACT410, ACT411 Active-Semi announced the release of the new ActivePSRTM family of high performance QR mode PSR ICs. ...

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