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  1. CSR announced that its CSR1013 technology has been used by BrilliantTS, a leading manufacturer of smart hardware and software solutions, to create a multi-payment card. This enables simple and secure credit and debit card payments by connecting to ...
    Wireless » CSR » CSR1013
  2. CSR plc announces the launch of Quatro 5500 , an integrated system on chip (SOC) that enables a new generation of workgroup multifunction printers (MFPs) to seamlessly print documents from mobile devices, the cloud and traditional PCs and servers ...
    Processors » CSR » Quatro 5500
  3. CSR plc announced that its CSRmesh® technology has been used by SK Telecom to enable the world’s first range of smart LED lightbulbs which also function as Bluetooth® Smart beacons networked together using CSRmesh. The intelligent ...
    Wireless · Light » CSR » CSR1010
  4. CSR announced that it has worked with Avi-on Labs to provide Bluetooth® Smart mesh connectivity in a new GE branded line of smart lighting from Jasco Products. These lighting and home control products, which are expected to appear in major ...
    Wireless · Light » CSR » CSR1010
  5. CSR announces the launch of three wireless soundbar platform example designs which offer manufacturers complete and flexible solutions designed to rapidly bring entry-level, mid-range and high-end soundbars to market. Market intelligence firm ...
    Microcontrollers · Audio · Wireless » CSR » CSR8670, CSRA65700
  6. CSR announces an update to its technically disruptive Bluetooth® Smart solution - CSRmesh™ . CSRmesh Home Automation is suitable for a range of applications including control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, door locks and ...
    Automation · Wireless » CSR » CSR101x
  7. CSR announced that LG Innotek, the leading materials and components technology supplier and longtime CSR automotive partner, has adopted the CSRC9300 ™ a solution for advanced infotainment and connectivity features in vehicles. The auto-grade ...
    Audio · Wireless » CSR » CSRC9300
  8. CSR announces the launch of a new series of dual mode Bluetooth® 4.1 compliant platforms, designed to give greater flexibility to developers looking to create low latency and ultra low-power wireless gaming controllers. The CSRB534 and CSRB5342 ...
    Wireless · Games · Computers and Peripherals » CSR » CSRB534, CSRB5342
  9. Audio speaker designer and manufacturer BRAVEN has unveiled the first portable Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® distributed audio system based on the CSR plc (LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE) VibeHub™ networked audio solution that also utilizes CSR ...
    Audio · Wireless » CSR » BRAVEN Vibe System
  10. Audio solutions provider Audivo has launched the world’s first system-on-module based on the VibeHub™ home networked audio solution from CSR plc (LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE). Audivo Multiroom Audio Solution (AMAS) is a turnkey solution ...
    Audio · Wireless » CSR » Audivo Multiroom Audio Solution
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