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  1. Supply E-peas AEM00300 AEM00330 AEM00940
    Through the release of a further three new power management ICs (PMICs), e-peas is providing product developers with even greater scope to implement their energy harvesting systems. The innovative engineering breakthroughs of these new devices ...
  2. Supply E-peas AEM10330 AEM30330
    Expanding its portfolio of advanced power management ICs (PMICs) for energy harvesting applications, E-peas has announced two new devices capable of further pushing the performance envelope. The RF AEM30330 , Vibration AEM30330 and solar AEM10330 ...
  1. Supply e-peas AEM20940
    New IC is capable of 100 mV cold start, with extended input voltage range e-peas has announced the introduction of a new power management IC specifically optimized for energy harvesting from thermal sources in wireless sensors application. Supplied ...
  2. Following its arrival on the power semiconductor scene earlier this year, e-peas announces commercial availability of its first IC. The AEM10940 utilizes the company’s unique proprietary energy management technology in order to maximize the ...

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