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  1. Micrel Inc . introduced the MIC1344, a 3 A power ORing smart switch offered in a small 2 mm × 2 mm QFN package. The MIC1344 targets handheld devices and systems powered from multiple sources such as wall adapters and auxiliary battery power ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC1344
  2. Micrel Inc. introduced the MICRF229 and the MICRF230, low-power, 400 MHz to 450 MHz, super-heterodyne, image reject, OOK/ASK receivers. Both devices feature 112 dBm sensitivity at a data rate of 1 kbps and operate from 3.5 V to 5.5 V. They consume ...
    Wireless · Wireless » Micrel » MICRF229, MICRF230
  3. Micrel Inc . introduced the MIC28511/12/13, a family of pin-compatible high voltage (HV) synchronous step-down switching regulators with integrated power switches capable of providing up to 4 A (MIC28513) output current and a wide input supply ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC28511, MIC28512, MIC28513
  4. Micrel Inc . introduced the MIC7400 / MIC7401 , a new family of highly integrated and configurable power-management IC (PMIC) solutions featuring six independent DC/DC regulators. Available in a small 4.5 mm × 4.5 mm FQFN package, this ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC7400, MIC7401
  5. Micrel Inc . introduced the MIC95410 7 A load switch in a compact 1.2 mm × 2.0 mm package. This device can be used for systems requiring power partitioning and has the capability of a controlled power up sequence with ramp control, a feature ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC95410
  6. Micrel Inc . announced the availability of the MIC2875 / MIC2876 , two 2 MHz boost converters capable of delivering up to 2 A output in only 122 mm squared of board space with a minimum of just three tiny external components required. These ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC2875, MIC2876
  7. Micrel Inc. introduced the MIC4605 , a 85 V Half Bridge MOSFET driver that features Adaptive-Dead-Time and Shoot-Through Protection. The Adaptive-Dead-Time circuitry actively monitors the Half Bridge to minimize the time between high and low side ...
    Drivers · Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC4605
  8. Micrel Inc. introduced the MIC24085x family, a fixed frequency, current-mode DC-DC converter with integrated power MOSFETs. The MIC24085x is optimized for +12 V rails and provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for distributed power systems ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC24085
  9. Micrel , Inc. introduced the MIC4414/15 , two low-side MOSFET drivers designed to switch an N-Channel enhancement-mode MOSFET in low-side applications. The devices are ideal for switch-mode power supplies, solenoid drivers and motor-driver ...
    Drivers · Power » Micrel » MIC4414, MIC4415
  10. Micrel Inc. rolled out its new SuperSwitcher II™ family of integrated MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC applications. The new MIC26xxx family comprises six DC-DC buck regulators leveraging Micrel's proprietary HyperSpeed ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC26601, MIC26901, MIC261201, MIC26603, MIC26903, MIC261203
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