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  1. Nuvoton Technology Corporation announced its brand new NuMicro® M0564 series microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core, operating up to 72 MHz with 256 KB Flash and 20 KB SRAM. The M0564 series is pin to pin compatible with the ...
  2. Nuvoton Technology announced the new generation of high efficiency 1T 8051 product line the N76E003 series. With built-in 18 KB Flash memory and large capacity 1 KB SRAM to support powerful functional design, the N76E003 series also offers precise ...
  3. NAU82039 New High Efficiency Device Ideal for Smart Phones, Tablets, Docking Stations, Portable Media Players, LCD/LED TV, Toys Nuvoton Technology Corporation introduced the NAU82039, a family of new Class-D audio amplifiers designed to optimize ...
    Amplifiers · Audio » Nuvoton » NAU82039
  4. After the success of first M0-based NuVoice, Nuvoton Technology Corporation introduced the second NuVoice - N572F072 . The N572F072 is the enhanced N572 series from N572F064/F065, the first Cortex-M0 based processor for voice applications. It runs ...
    Microcontrollers · Audio » Nuvoton » NuVoice N572F072
  5. Brand New 32-bit MCU Powered by the ARM Cortex-M0 Following the success of the NuMicro M051 series, Nuvoton Technology launched the brand new Mini51 series 32-bit microcontroller, powered by the ARM Cortex-M0 processor. Equipped with a variety of ...
    Microcontrollers » Nuvoton » NuMicro Mini51
  6. Following the success of the NuMicro family, Nuvoton Technology today launched the NuMicro M051 series - M052/54/58/516 , its newest addition tothe NuMicro family. The NuMicro M051 is powered by the ARM Cortex-M0 processor - the smallest, lowest ...
    Microcontrollers » Nuvoton » NuMicro M051
  7. Nuvoton Technology Corp., a leading worldwide provider of semiconductors for consumer and computing applications, today introduced the industry’s first ChipCorder voice/audio device to enable proven telephony functions in commercial and ...
    Interfaces · Telephone » Nuvoton » ChipCorder ISD61S00
  8. Nuvoton Technology Corporation announces the launch of a brand new product line NuMicro Family, the 32-bit Microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M0. NuMicro family adopts the newest processor of ARM Cortex-M0, featured with smallest size, lowest ...
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