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  1. MEMS Oscillator Offers Breakthrough 70-fs Jitter in Half the Space SiTime Corporation introduced the SiT9501 differential MEMS oscillator. Based on SiTime’s newly launched third generation MEMS technology, the device delivers uncompromising ...
  2. 1 Hz to 2 MHz, ideal for ultra-low-power MCUs and AFEs 2 µA power, enables 10-year battery life 5 ppm, enables accurate timekeeping and lowest power Smallest oscillator at 1.2 mm 2 , reduces footprint more than 80% SiTime Corporation, a ...
  3. MEMS SiTime SiT1552
    Enables Paradigm Shift toward Smaller Size, Longer Battery Life SiTime Corporation introduced the smallest, lowest power 32 kHz TCXO (temperature compensated oscillator). With its tiny footprint and ultra-low power consumption, the SiT1552 MEMS ...
  4. MEMS Wireless Oscillators SiTime SiT1532 SiT1542 SiT1533 SiT1543 SiT1534 SiT1544
    SiTime Corporation introduced the SiT15xx family of 32 kHz MEMS oscillators that replace legacy quartz crystal resonators. This new family is targeted at mobile applications, such as smartphones and tablets, which require small size and low power. ...

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