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  1. 5 mF electric double-layer capacitor with a maximum thickness of just 0.45 mm Power source for small e-paper displays and advanced biometric authentication systems On show at CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS TDK Corporation announces the release of an ...
    Supply » TDK » EDLC041720-050-2F-13
  2. TDK CeraLink capacitors feature a newly patented antiferroelectric capacitor technology whose material exhibits increasing capacitance with increasing voltage. Thanks to this unique capability CeraLink capacitors are an ideal solution for snubber ...
  3. TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of MHQ-P high Q multilayer inductors with the miniature MHQ0402P series in case size IEC 0402. Measuring just 0.44 mm × 0.24 mm × 0.24 mm, the new inductors feature the highest Q factor for any ...
    Discretes » TDK » MHQ0402P
  4. TDK Corporation has expanded its TPL series of transponder coils with a new miniature version that is especially designed for use as an antenna coil in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for vehicles. Measuring in at just 7.85 mm x 2.70 mm x ...
    Discretes · Automotive » TDK » TPL802727
  5. Effective suppression of voltage ringing without reducing power efficiency TDK Corporation has developed the YNA15 series of noise absorbers in case size 1005 (IEC) to suppress voltage ringing that can be caused by switch-mode power supplies ...
    Discretes · Supply · Power » TDK » YNA15
  6. TDK Corporation has developed the world’s smallest common-mode filter, which measures in at only 0.45 mm × 0.30 mm × 0.23 mm and is 75 percent smaller than current 0806 filters (IEC). Besides its miniature dimensions, the new ...
    Discretes » TDK » TCM0403S-350-2P
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