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  1. This simple TTL power supply monitor circuit monitors the 5-volt level TTL power line and gives a signal whether the supply voltage is outside or within the necessary range or “window”. The heart of the power supply monitor is a ...
  2. This article shows how you can perform repairs on snapped or broken PCBs. Quite often, whilst repairing old computers or other electronics, I find badly damaged PCBs. Recently my brother-in-law asked me to take a look at a head-unit from an ...
  3. Principle and Working The project of cell charger shown here uses IC( 7808 ) and transistor ( BC547B ). The transformer TR1 is a step down transformer, and steps down 230V AC voltage to 12V AC. This 12V AC is fed to the rectifier bridge. Four ...
  4. Andy Collinson Description This circuit is a simple form of the commercial UPS, the circuit provides a constant regulated 5 Volt output and an unregulated 12 Volt supply. In the event of electrical supply line failure the battery takes over, with ...
  5. This is a easy to build LED lamp circuit for Learning and building skills. This is the first draft schematic V 1.0. It will need improvements for Higher Power Lighting. Click to enlarge I will give a short summary, The LM317 here configured for ...
  6. How about getting that old Nokia phone out of your drawer and turning it into something freakishly cool? I will not lie to you, you will need a few tools and skills such as soldering/desoldering and making PCBs. Here you can download Sprint-Layout ...
  7. Toddy Cangica Introduction I always thought the clapper so cool. For those who are lazy like me, turn on or off the bedroom light without getting out of bed, simple clap your hands is amazing. Thinking about it I projected one for me. Several ...
  8. Do you need to add a distance sensor to your embedded project ? Build this simple ultrasonic range finder ! This quick dirty PIC ultrasonic range finder will find a place in numerous projects : presence detector, robotics, car parking, distance ...
  9. You can't calculate binary values as is on most handheld calculators and using the windows one is just a pain, so i decided to make my very own (binary only) calculator. This calculator supports all the basic functions like : NOT,OR,AND,XOR, ...
  10. Stefano Palazzolo, Senago, Italy; Edited by Martin Rowe and Fran Granville EDN Get 1.25V to 3.75V from an adjustable regulator Every PC has a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port that can supply 5V 5% at 500 mA for peripherals. Powered USB hubs also ...
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