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Toshiba Launches Illumination LED Driver IC with Single-Wire Input

Toshiba » TB62D786FTG

Built-in LDO and daisy-chain pins realize downsizing of LED modules

Toshiba Corporation's announced the launch of "TB62D786FTG", a new LED driver IC with single-wire input and 9-channel output, for amusement equipment and LED illumination applications. Full-scale production is scheduled to start this autumn.

Toshiba Electronics Europe - TB62D786FTG

The new product adopts a single-wire Manchester-encoded interface, which is generally used for wireless communications, and the number of input signals is reduced to one. In addition, built-in daisy-chain pins and a linear regulation circuit (LDO, 5 V output) with up to 28 V input improve the extendibility of the LED driver unit.

In a typical system, power supply has to be supplied to LED driver ICs and LEDs separately. Using the new product, the number of wires between a microcontroller (or a controller) and an LED driver unit mounting the new driver can be reduced to four wires (single power supply, single-wire input, single-wire daisy-chain output, and GND), and a single supply voltage operation unit with less wiring can be created with a compact package (VQFN24). This also allows the size of the LED unit board to be downsized.

Main Features of New Product

Part number
Input signal
Single-wire input (5V system CMOS), transfer frequency 0.5MHz to 2MHz
Power supply voltage
Built-in linear regulator (5V): 7 to 28V input
IC control voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 V
LED output
28V×85mA×9 channels constant current driver (5mA to 40mA recommended)
Illumination can be controlled with the PWM gradation, from 0 to 127
Hardcoded IDs
Up to 64 driver IDs
Sample price
110 yen (tax included)

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