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Toshiba Delivers Ultra-Low RDS(ON) and Output Charge in Latest Compact 60V SMD MOSFET

Toshiba » TPH1R306PL

60 V SOP Advance SMD device allows designers to optimise performance and reduce size of power supply and motor control designs

Toshiba Electronics Europe has further expanded its U-MOS IX-H family of compact, high-efficiency, high-speed switching MOSFETs with a new SMD device offering a maximum VDSS rating of 60 V and a maximum drain current of 100 A.

Toshiba - TPH1R306PL

The TPH1R306PL is supplied in a SOP Advance surface mount package and has an ultra-low typical on resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 1.0 mΩ (@ VGS = 10 V). Because Toshiba’s U-MOS IX-H process enables a ‘best-in-class’ trade-off between RDS(ON) and output capacitance/output charge, typical QOSS is just 77.5 nC. This allows designers to further improve system performance and efficiency by raising switching speeds and reducing switching losses.

As with other members of the U-MOS IX-H family, the TPH1R306PL MOSFET is suited to use in DC-DC converters and the secondary side of AC-DC power supplies. By choosing the MOSFET, designers of the latter have the opportunity to significantly improve system efficiency, as QOSS is one of the causes of synchronous rectification power loss.

Due to a high pulse current capability (Idp) up to 500 A and an increased maximum channel temperature of 175 ºC, the new MOSFET will also suit motor applications in cordless home appliances and power tools.  For applications that require further improved heat dissipation, a double sided cooled version - TPW1R306PL - is available.

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