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  1. Enables high-frequency, high-efficiency power control applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles, datacenters, and auxiliary power supplies Littelfuse introduced its first 1700 V SiC MOSFET, the LSIC1MO170E1000 , expanding its portfolio of ...
    Discretes · Power » Littelfuse » LSIC1MO170E1000
  2. Ideal for applications that demand improved reliability and thermal management Littelfuse introduced four new series of 1200 V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky Diodes from its GEN2 product family, which was originally released in May 2017. The ...
    Discretes · Power » Littelfuse » LSIC2SD120A08, LSIC2SD120A15, LSIC2SD120A20, LSIC2SD120C08
  3. Combines ultra-low switching losses, high efficiency and superior robustness, even at high temperatures Littelfuse , Inc. introduced its first series of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, the latest addition to the company’s growing power ...
    Discretes · Power » Littelfuse » LSIC1MO120E0080
  4. Littelfuse , Inc. introduced an industry first: a new series of three unidirectional TVS diode arrays in space-saving 01005 flip chip packages (0.230 mm × 0.430 mm). Unidirectional protection is typically preferable to bidirectional ...
    Electronic components · Oscillators » Littelfuse » SP1043, SP1044, SP3415
  5. Ultra-low capacitance makes them ideal for G.Fast modems and other high-speed applications Littelfuse has introduced two new series of miniature surface-mount two-terminal Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs) designed to protect sensitive electronics from ...
  6. Littelfuse , Inc. has introduced the SP4042 Series TVS Diode Array, which are designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to lightning-induced surge events and electrostatic discharges (ESD). The SP4042 Series ...
  7. Designed for higher voltage applications in electrical equipment used in hazardous locations Littelfuse , Inc. has introduced the PICO® 305 Series Intrinsically Safe Fuse, the first 277 V Fuse to be certified under the latest revision of the ...
    Discretes · Security · Power » Littelfuse » PICO 305
  8. High ESD withstand capability enhances reliability of equipment in the field Littelfuse , Inc. has introduced a new series of two-channel, general-purpose TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes) optimized to help circuit designers protect sensitive ...
  9. Littelfuse announced the addition of the SP03A Series to its expanding line of TVS Diode Array ( SPA TM family) lightning surge and ESD protection devices. The SP03A is specifically designed for protection of Ethernet and T3/E3 data lines from ...
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