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  1. Si875x Isolated FET Driver Family Reduces Cost and Complexity of Industrial and Automotive Relay Replacement Applications Silicon Labs has introduced a groundbreaking CMOS-based isolated field effect transistor (FET) driver family that enables ...
    Relay · Power » Silicon Labs » Si8751, Si8752
  2. Next-Generation Gecko MCUs Combine State-of-the-Art Hardware Cryptography with Advanced Energy Management Features Delivering the next generation of Gecko technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), Silicon Labs has introduced two new EFM32™ ...
    Microcontrollers · Security · Networks » Silicon Labs » EFM32JG, EFM32PG
  3. New Si8920 Analog Amplifier Provides Precise Current Shunt Measurement for Power Control Systems Including Industrial Motor Drives and Inverters Silicon Labs introduced an isolated current sense amplifier delivering robust isolation and the ...
  4. New Si5348 Clock IC Enables Pervasive Adoption of SyncE and IEEE 1588 Network Synchronization in Internet Infrastructure Silicon Labs introduced the industry's highest-performance, most cost-effective packet network synchronizer clock. The new ...
  5. EFM32® Happy Gecko MCU Family Simplifies USB Connectivity for Power-Sensitive, Battery-Operated IoT Applications Silicon Labs introduced the industry’s most energy-friendly USB-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs). The latest addition to ...
    Microcontrollers » Silicon Labs » Happy Gecko
  6. EZR32 Family Provides Industry-Leading Power Efficiency, RF Performance, Integration and Multi-Protocol Support in a Single-Chip Solution Silicon Labs introduced a new family of 32-bit wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) designed to simplify a wide ...
  7. High-Precision Si705x Sensor Family Offers Exceptional Accuracy Across Full Operating Temperature Range with Best-in-Class Power Efficiency Silicon Labs introduced a new family of high-precision temperature sensors offering industry-leading power ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Silicon Labs » Si7050, Si7053, Si7054, Si7055
  8. Best-in-Class Wireless Protocol Stack Licensed from Steinbeis Design Center Enhances Metering System Scalability and Interoperability Silicon Labs introduced a comprehensive software solution designed to simplify the development of wirelessly ...
    Measurement · CAD & Software » Silicon Labs » Wireless M-Bus Software
  9. Single-Chip CP2130 Bridge Controller Reduces Cost, Complexity and Development Time for USB Connectivity Applications Silicon Labs introduced a high-performance bridge controller that offers a turnkey solution for bridging a universal serial bus ...
  10. EFM32 Zero Gecko MCU Family Delivers Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency and 32-bit Performance at Very Friendly Prices. Silicon Labs introduced the industry’s most energy-friendly 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ ...
    Microcontrollers » Silicon Labs » EFM32 Zero Gecko, EFM32ZG-STK3200
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