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  1. ISSI's New FxLED RGB LED Drivers Bring Color to Digital Consumer Internet of Things Devices Integrated Silicon Solution (ISSI) has released the IS31FL3196 IS31FL3199 FxLED LED drivers to product developers looking to add a splash of color to set ...
    Supply · Light · Power » ISSI » IS31FL3196, IS31FL3199
  2. Industry’s Highest Lumen Density Unlocks New Designs and Applications for LED Lighting Three new LED arrays from Cree , Inc. redefine what is possible for LED lighting in high-intensity applications. The Cree® XLamp® CXA2590 , CXA1850 ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Cree » CXA2590, CXA1850, CXA1310
  3. The ISL29125 RGB sensor offers robust on-chip IR filtering technology and market-leading angular response in the industry’s smallest form factor to deliver ultra crisp display contrast and consistent brightness across all light sources ...
    Sensors · Measurement · Light » Intersil » ISL29125
  4. Fremont Micro Devices USA Inc announced the FT833 Family of primary side Constant Current drivers for LED applications. The first four members of the Family include the FT833S (3 W), FT833A (6 W), FT833B (9 W) and FT833BD (12 W). These high ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Fremont Micro Devices » FT833A11, FT833B12, FT833S11, FT833BD
  5. NXP Semiconductors is demonstrating a wireless smart lighting network designed for ease of installation in the home. The demo includes an energy harvesting switch (battery-less, no wires) developed by EnOcean, a world leader in energy harvesting ...
    Wireless · Supply · Light » NXP » JN5161
  6. Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the release of a new series of power MiniLEDs in ultra-compact 2.3 mm by 1.3 mm by 1.4 SMD packages. Utilizing the latest advanced AllnGaP technology, the Vishay Semiconductors VLMx234 series provides ...
  7. NXP has just released the first 20 mA and 50 mA LED drivers, NCR402U and NCR405U . These devices consist of a resistor-equipped PNP transistor with two diodes on one chip, housed in an SOT457 (SC-74) plastic package. Our new automotive qualified ...
    Drivers · Supply · Light · Power » NXP » NCR402U, NCR405U
  8. 85V to 265V Input, 0.97 PF, High Efficiency LED Constant Current Controller, for Up to 30W Compact Solid State LED Illumination Applications Integrated Silicon Solution , Inc. announced the IS31LT3932 , a high performance universal AC input LED ...
    Supply · Light · Power » ISSI » IS31LT3932
  9. LUXEON CoB LED arrays now deliver a wide lumen range of 1000 to 7000 lm and a typical efficacy of 130 lm/W Just months after its market introduction, Philips Lumileds announces its LUXEON CoB arrays now provide +10% greater performance, extending ...
  10. AC switched matrix technique replaces flyback, buck and boost converters Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first floating switch architecture that simplifies the offline linear drive of LEDs in lamps, downlights and fixtures. The AC ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Texas Instruments » TPS92411

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