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  1. Utilizing its expertise in wireless technology and passive entry/start systems for automotive, Melexis introduces the MLX74190 . This low-frequency (LF) initiator IC, consists of two high power, independently programmable LF drivers plus built-in ...
    Automotive · Security · Wireless » Melexis » MLX74190
  2. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of epoxy-coated mini sensors optimized for automotive temperature probes. Built on advanced NTC thermistor technology, AEC-Q200-qualified NTCLE213E3 .. sensors deliver fast response times lower than 5 ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Vishay » NTCLE213E3
  3. NXP have just released 10 low R DSon small-signal MOSFETs qualified for automotive solutions in DFN2020MD-6 , SOT23 and SOT457 packages. Based on Trench technology, the new products offer V DS voltage of 20 80 V, ESD protection of up to 4 kV HBM ...
    Discretes · Automotive » NXP » DFN2020MD-6
  4. ZMD AG (ZMDI), a Dresden-based semiconductor company that specializes in enabling energy-efficient solutions, announces the ZSSC1750 and ZSSC1751 , two fully automotive-qualified, high-precision data-acquisition system basis chips (SBCs). As a ...
    Supply · Automotive · Power » ZMDI » ZSSC1750, ZSSC1751
  5. NXP has just released the first low V CEsat transistors in the new DFN2020D-3 (SOT1061D) package with solderable sidepads. PBSS4330PAS and PBSS5330PAS both offer a collector-ermitter voltage of 30 V and low V CEsat values of down to 45 mV. With a ...
    Electronic components · Automotive · Power » NXP » PBSS4330PAS, PBSS5330PAS
  6. Combines industry-leading image quality with ASIL-ready support functions that will expedite the emergence of autonomous vehicles Moonless night conditions down to 0.005 lux (SNR1 illuminance) 125 dB HDR output without additional ISP chip Reduced ...
  7. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors designed for traction and heavy-duty applications. Devices in the Vishay BCcomponents 110 PHT-ST series offer a long useful life of 10,000 hours at +85 C and ...
    Capacitors · Automotive · Power » Vishay » 110 PHT-ST
  8. Compact, scalable solution reduces board space by 73 percent, controls up to 96 high-brightness LEDs in innovative headlamps Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first fully integrated high-brightness LED matrix manager IC for adaptive ...
    Drivers · Automotive · Light » Texas Instruments » TPS92661-Q1
  9. The BTS50040-2SFA is a dual-channel high-side power switch with a typical R DS(on) of 4 mΩ per channel in a PG-DSO-36 package providing load current sense diagnosis and embedded protection functions including ReverSave™ and Infineon ...
    Automotive · Power » Infineon » BTS50040-2SFA
  10. Wireless charging promises consumers a new level of convenience for maintaining readiness of mission critical and lifestyle enhancing communication tools. Low battery warnings are never welcome but seem ever present with the increasing reliance on ...
    Automotive · Wireless · Power » Melexis · Freescale » MLX90132
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