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  1. NXP Semiconductors announced its new product portfolio for automotive Ethernet. The portfolio builds on BroadR-ReachTM an automotive standard defined by the OPEN Alliance industry group, with the aim to make consumer-level Ethernet capable of ...
    Electronic components · Automotive » NXP » TJA1100, SJA1105
  2. The Elmos E521.31 IC provides an easy and variable RGB-LED system design with LIN bus interface. The component can drive 6 or more RGB-LEDs in multiplex mode, making it the ideal choice for cost-effective and dynamic light systems on the inside or ...
    Automotive · Light · Power » Elmos » E521.31
  3. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new surface-mount Power Metal Strip® resistor featuring a high 1 W power rating in the compact 0805 package size. Designed to save space in automotive and computer applications, the Vishay Dale WSLP0805...18 ...
    Discretes · Automotive » Vishay » WSLP0805...18
  4. Vishay Intertechnology announced a new AEC-Q200 -qualified version of its PTS series of platinum SMD flat chip temperature sensors. Designed to provide accurate and stable temperature sensing for automotive, space, and industrial electronics, ...
    Discretes · Automotive » Vishay » PTS AT
  5. Allegro MicroSystems introduces a new DC-DC converter controller, providing a programmable constant current output for driving high power LEDs in series. Allegro’s A6271 controller is based on a programmable fixed frequency, peak current mode ...
    Supply · Automotive · Light · Power » Allegro » A6271
  6. Maxwell Technologies Metro Magazine Maxwell Technologies Inc. announced the availability of its 24-volt ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module (ESM), ideal for improving equipment uptime and power reliability in buses and industrial vehicles. The ...
    Automotive · Power » Maxwell » ULTRA 31/900/24V, ULTRA 31/1100/24V
  7. R. Colin Johnson EE Times Vesper claims highest signal-to-noise at 68 dB In its rush to get to market while the iron is hot, Vesper Technologies Inc. (Boston) has announced what it still claims is the industry's highest signal-to-ratio (SNR) for a ...
  8. Acceleration sensor for telematics and built-in navigation World’s smallest acceleration sensor for automotive applications Energy efficient thanks to five energy-saving modes Bosch’s new SMA130 triaxial acceleration sensor provides ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Bosch » SMA130
  9. Melexis will be participating in two key events at which it will have live demonstrations of its sensors for touch-less human machine interfaces (HMI) technology in action. The first event is Automotive Cockpit HMI in Detroit (19-21st May), where ...
    Electronic components · Sensors · Automotive » Melexis » MLX75023, MLX75030/1
  10. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of AEC-Q200-qualified, high-precision dual-in-line thin film resistor networks. The Vishay Dale Thin Film AORN series features low TCR tracking of 5 ppm/ C, tight ratio tolerances to 0.05 %, and ...

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