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  1. John Powell, NXP Semiconductors Microwave Engineering Europe The latest advances in LDMOS technology have allowed RF power transistors to be employed in systems that were formerly the exclusive domain of vacuum tubes, while also expanding their use ...
    RF » NXP » MRF1K50H
  2. Contributed by NXP Semiconductors EEWeb In the mobile, portable, and wearable markets, board space is always at a premium. Designers are constantly being asked to add functionality while using less PCB area and lowering overall cost. Surface-mount ...
  3. By Ali Zeeshan, NXP Semiconductors EEWeb Many of today’s portable systems combine devices that work at different operating voltages. Unidirectional voltage translators, which shift the voltage level up or down, can help these various devices ...
    Logic » NXP » 74AUP1G07

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