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  1. Raju Baddi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune, India EDN Part 1 It is sometimes useful to listen to an audio signal at a test-circuit point. The 4069, with its high input impedance and sufficient output drive current of approximately 6.8 ...
  2. Raju Baddi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research EDN This Design Idea describes a simple way that you can use one hex-inverter package of an unbuffered HD14069UB CMOS (Reference 1) to make four test gadgets: a logic probe with well-defined ...
  3. Application Note AN143 December 2013 Michel Azarian, Will Ezel Presented is a simple model that can be used to accurately predict the level of reference spurs due to charge pump and/or op amp leakage current in a PLL system. Knowing how to predict ...
  4. Raju Baddi EDN This automatic pulse generator (figures 1 and 2) is a test gadget that senses a probed contact to a pair of terminals under test and automatically issues a momentary power pulse to them once proper contact is made. These terminals ...
  5. Application Note AND9151/D November 2013 Creating and distributing clock signals are the heartbeat of digital systems. Today's high-end systems demand extremely low noise clock signal integrity. Jitter, and more recently, phase noise, are the most ...
  6. Martin Tomasz, Sageloop Designs EE Times Current-sense amplifiers can monitor battery or solar cell currents, and are useful to estimate power capacity and remaining life. However, if the battery or solar source is a single cell, it’s ...
    Circuits » Measurement » TS1001
  7. Circuit Note CN-0323 November 2013 The circuit provides a contactless, AMR (anisotropic magnetoresistive) angle measurement solution with 1 angular accuracy over a 180 range. The circuit is ideal for applications where high speed, accurate, ...
    Circuits » Measurement · Application Notes » Analog Devices » AD7866, AD8227, AD8615
  8. Dušan Ponikvar, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia EDN Often a measurement of weak signals has to be performed in the presence of strong interference from the ac power mains. If the interfering signal cannot be filtered out, then ...
  9. The Power Scope is a meter intended for use on a breadboard to aid in the development of battery-operated devices. It provides dedicated monitoring at the power source so you can quickly see the effects of circuit/software changes on power ...
  10. Raju Baddi, Индия EDN This Design describes a simple yet powerful handheld probe that you can use as both a logic probe and a pulse generator either individually or simultaneously. This feature makes the probe useful for testing DIP digital ICs, ...

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