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  1. Ideal for Consumer, Industrial and Home Automation Markets, New 8-bit AVRs Deliver Industry’s Smallest And Lowest Power 8-bit MCU Solution on the Market Today with Just 1kB Flash Atmel Corporation , at Embedded World 2016, announced the ...
    Microcontrollers » Atmel » ATtiny102, ATtiny104
  2. New SoCs Implement 3D Graphics as High-End Version of the Successful 2D Cluster MCU Series Renesas Electronics announced the availability of the R-Car D1 Series, as the first member of system-on-chips (SoCs) in the R-Car Family specialized for 3D ...
  3. Renesas Electronics and emtrion, a company that assists customers during all stages of the development process and integration, announced the availability of the new emCON-RZ/G1E System-On-Module (SOM) board. The new board is designed for the quick ...
    Microcontrollers » Renesas » emCON-RZ/G1E
  4. MPLAB Xpress IDE With Interface to GUI-based Code Generator is Industry’s Most Comprehensive Online Development Environment Microchip Technology Inc. announced its MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This online ...
    Microcontrollers · CAD & Software » Microchip » MPLAB Xpress IDE
  5. Redpine's WiSeMCU™ module family includes ARM Cortex M4 MCU with advanced security for IoT devices in a small 8.6 mm × 8.6 mm form factor Redpine Signals announced the launch of the world’s first wireless microcontroller module ...
    Wireless · Microcontrollers · Wireless » Redpine » RS10001, RS10002, RS10003
  6. New PSoC 4 L-Series Reduces Costs and Gets Embedded Designs to Market Faster with the Ability to Develop Premium User Interfaces and Product Variations Rapidly Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduced a new series from its PSoC 4 programmable ...
    Microcontrollers » Cypress » PSoC 4 L
  7. With the introduction of the STM32 Nucleo-144 series of low-cost, compact development boards, STMicroelectronics has further extended its support for the industry-leading STM32 family of 32‑bit Flash microcontrollers. The new 144-pin Nucleo ...
    Microcontrollers » STMicroelectronics » NUCLEO-F746ZG, NUCLEO-F429ZI, NUCLEO-F446ZE, NUCLEO-F303ZE
  8. New RX230 Offers Support for Cost-Sensitive Industrial and Consumer Applications Renesas Electronics Europe , a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the new RX230 Group of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), which ...
  9. High-performance MCUs now available with up to 2 MB Flash and 512KB RAM STMicroelectronics ’ new STM32F767 / STM32F769 microcontrollers (MCUs) with rich memory, graphics and communication peripherals bring ARM Cortex-M7 processing power and ...
    Microcontrollers » STMicroelectronics » STM32F767, STM32F769
  10. Targeting the Internet of Things, Wearables and Other Applications Requiring Extremely Low Power, Innovative New Tools Enable Developers to Identify and Eliminate Power Spikes During Development Atmel Corporation announced a high-accuracy debugging ...
    Microcontrollers » Atmel » ATPOWERDEBUGGER

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