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  1. 5 V @50 mA with operation down to 3.5 V IN and harness short protection Allegro MicroSystems has announced the release of a new wide input 5 V output regulator designed to power automotive sensors and low power uControllers. It can also be used for ...
    Supply » Allegro » A4480
  2. The S-8880A Series developed by SII Semiconductor is a boost charge pump for step-up DC-DC converter startup, which enables operation with ultra-low power and ultra-low voltage. An original circuit system and SOI technology allow this product to ...
  3. 5.5 V Input, 50 mA Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator with 260 nA Quiescent Current S-85S0A Series The S-85S0A Series introduces own distinctive low power consumption control and COT (Constant On-Time) control, features ultra low current ...
    Supply » SII » S-85S0A
  4. The S-5471 Series, developed by using CMOS technology, is a voltage monitoring IC with an ultra-low current consumption. Since the feed-through current in the IC is extremely low, the error can be reduced when the voltage of a power supply with ...
  5. Analog Devices , which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LT8362 , a current mode, 2 MHz step-up DC/DC converter with an internal 2 A, 60 V switch. It operates from an input voltage range of 2.8 V to 60 V, suitable for ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LT8362
  6. Torex Semiconductor has launched the “XC6808 Series” of charging ICs for single-cell lithium ion/polymer secondary batteries (“lithium batteries” below) that support a charge completion voltage of 4.35 V or 4.40 V. In recent ...
    Supply » Torex » XC6808
  7. Analog Devices , Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTC7103 , a 2.3 A, 105 V input capable synchronous step-down switching regulator. Its wide 4.4 V to 105 V input voltage range is designed for operation from ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LTC7103
  8. Analog Devices , Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, introduces the LTC4091 , a complete lithium-ion battery backup management system for 3.45 V to 4.45 V supply rails that must be kept active during a long duration main ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LTC4091
  9. Analog Devices , Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTC7150S , a 20 V, 20 A monolithic synchronous buck converter with differential V OUT remote sensing. The device’s unique phase lockable controlled ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LTC7150S
  10. MAX77650 and MAX77651 with single inductor multi-output regulator and charger are optimized for small Li-ion batteries Designers of Bluetooth® headphones, activity monitors, smart garments, smartwatches, and other size-constrained devices can ...
    Supply » Maxim » MAX77650, MAX77651

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