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  1. Application Note ANDLV8136V/D December 2013 The LV8136V is a PWM system pre-driver IC designed for three-phase brushless motors. This IC reduces motor driving noise by using a high-efficiency, quiet PWM drive (150-degree drive system). It ...
  2. Application Note JN-AN-1079 November 2013 This document aims to highlight the issues affecting the co-existence of IEEE 802.15.4-based systems in the presence of interference. The measures employed by the 802.15.4 standard to ensure reliable ...
  3. Application Note AN11336 December 2013 NXP Semiconductors' BGU8010 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) LNA Evaluation Boards is designed to evaluate the performance of the GNSS LNA using: NXP Semiconductors' BGU8010 GNSS Low Noise Amplifier A ...
  4. Application Note AN143 December 2013 Michel Azarian, Will Ezel Presented is a simple model that can be used to accurately predict the level of reference spurs due to charge pump and/or op amp leakage current in a PLL system. Knowing how to predict ...
  5. Application Note AN142 November 2013 Christian Kueck Switching regulators replace linear regulators in areas where low heat dissipation and efficiency are valued. The switching regulator is typically the first active component on the input power ...
  6. Application Note AN1629 October 2013 Pradeep Shamanna The increased popularity of short range wireless in home, building and industrial applications with 2.4 GHz band requires the system designers to understand the methods, estimation, cost and ...
    Circuits » Wireless · Radio · Application Notes » Microchip » MRF24J40, MRF24J40MA, MRF24J40MB, MRF24J40MC
  7. Application Note TB3103 October 2013 Mihnea Rosu-Hamzescu This technical brief describes a synchronous buck power supply, based on the PIC16F753 using 100% analog control for output regulation. The implementation has the advantage of not using any ...
  8. Application Note AND9100/D September 2012 High power systems require the paralleling of IGBTs to handle loads well into the 10's and sometimes the 100's of kilowatts. Paralleled devices can be discrete packaged devices, or bare die assembled within ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power · Application Notes » ON Semiconductor » NGTB15N60S1ETG, NGTB40N60IHL
  9. Application Note AN4313 November 2013 This application note describes the layout and mechanical design guidelines used for touch sensing applications with projected sensors. This document describes only what is specifically related to projected ...
  10. Application Note AN4391 November 2013 Delfo Fusillo, Filippo Scrimizzi P-channel and N-channel MOSFETs show a different electrical performance. Due to lower hole mobility (three times smaller than electrons), the magnitude of specific on-resistance ...
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