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Search results: 139   Output: 101-110
  1. Einar Abell EDN This Design Idea demonstrates a simple way to turn a step input into a ramp of nearly constant slew rate. The basic circuit uses a single op-amp; a circuit built on an integrator will typically require three. Figure 1 shows the ...
  2. Yakov Velikson Electronic Design The example analog-divider circuit presented in this article reduces the error to less than 0.02%, based on the resolution of both DACs Despite the availability of FPGAs and microcontrollers, the historical use of ...
  3. Susanne Nell EDN To measure high levels of direct current for overload detection and protection, designers frequently use either a current-shunt resistor or a toroidal core and Hall-effect magnetic-field sensor. Both methods suffer from drawbacks. ...
  4. Jose Blanes EDN Rectifier circuits based on semiconductor diodes typically handle voltage levels that greatly exceed the diodes' forward-voltage drops, which generally don't affect the accuracy of the rectification process. However, the rectified ...
  5. Sajjad Haidar Electronic Design When a MOSFET or IGBT gate-threshold voltage is higher than the available drive voltage, it's standard to use an op amp or other driver to bridge the difference. This circuit uses a basic optocoupler plus a few ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Power » TPL191B
  6. Vladimir Rentyuk EDN Detecting a rapidly falling signal over some threshold is important for ultrasonic or location equipment as well as for seismology systems. You can combine a rail-to-rail operational amplifier with a Schmitt-trigger logic gate ...
  7. Gyula Dioszegi EDN In 1971, Signetics later Philips introduced the NE555 timer, and manufacturers are still producing more than 1 billion of them a year. By adding a few components to the NE555, you can build a simple voltage-to-frequency converter ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Measurement » Philips » NE555, TL071
  8. Einar Abell EDN This Design Idea shows how to add positive feedback to a Darlington pair to create a Schmitt trigger with very high current gain (typically 10,000). I don't know of any similar circuits to compare this to except ICs. However, it ...
  9. Analog Devices Circuit Note CN-0151 Circuit Function and Benefits Digitally controlled current sources are critical functions in a variety of applications, such as power management, solenoid control, motor control, impedance measurement, sensor ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Supply » Analog Devices » AD5543, AD5446
  10. Vladimir Rentyuk EDN This Design Idea is a solution for the following problem: I needed to provide a pulse of a specified duration from “dirty” pulse bursts that can vary over a 60 dB range. Minimal delay time between input and output ...
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