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  1. Amy Norcross EDN Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has announced the development of what it calls a “compact and lightweight wearable ring-type device that offers handwriting-input functionality and a reader for near-field communications (NFC) ...
  2. Fujitsu Semiconductor has developed a new manufacturing technology CS250S . It is the implementation of the Deeply Depleted Channel™ (DDC) technology, licensed by SuVolta, Inc., using the 55 nm process technology of Mie Plant. DDC enables a ...
  3. Fujitsu Semiconductor developed of a new FRAM product, the MB85RC1MT , with 1 Mbit of memory, the highest memory density of our products with an I 2 C serial interface. The new product is guaranteed for up to 10 trillion read/write cycles, and is ...
    Memory » Fujitsu » MB85RC1MT
  4. Fujitsu Semiconductor limited announced that it has developed the world's first technology to produce chips with embedded flash memory on logic circuits fabricated using deeply depleted channel (DDCTM) technology, with the 55nm process at the ...
  5. Achieves high output power of 2.5kW in power supply units for servers Fujitsu Semiconductor announced that it successfully achieved high output power of 2.5kW in server power supply units equipped with gallium-nitride (GaN) power devices built on a ...
  6. In response to the rapid development of iOS devices and software applications, Fujitsu Components America Inc. has announced a family of Bluetooth modules that are compatible with iOS products, such as iPod® touch, iPhone®, and iPad®. ...
    Wireless » Fujitsu » MBH7BTZ50, MBH7BTZ52, MBH7BTZ53
  7. Large memory capacity and serial interface expand potential application scenarios for RFID tags Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe announced a new arrival to its FerVID family of chips for RFID tags. As with all members of the FerVID family, the MB89R112 ...
    RF · Wireless » Fujitsu » MB89R112
  8. Optimised for display panel applications in battery-operated healthcare devices, remote controllers and HMIs for home appliances Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe announced the expansion of its “ New 8FX ” family of high-performance 8-bit ...
    Microcontrollers » Fujitsu » MB95710, MB95770
  9. Optimised for touch key and touch panel applications in electronic systems and household appliances Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe announced the addition of new products with capacitive touch sensor and controller functionality to its “New 8FX ...
    Microcontrollers » Fujitsu » MB95870, MB95860, MB95850
  10. Optimized for industrial applications, home appliances, consumer electronics and power tools Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe announced the expansion of its “New 8FX ” family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers to include nine new ...
    Microcontrollers » Fujitsu » MB95690, MB95810
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