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  1. Herminio Martinez EDN One of the most popular circuits for amplitude control in oscillators is the soft-limiter circuit (Figure 1a). When the output voltage, V OUT (t), is small, diodes D 1 and D 2 are off. Thus, all of the input current, V IN ...
  2. W. Stephen Woodward EDN Galvanically (that is, optically or electromagnetically) isolated 4- to 20-mA current loops offer robust noise immunity and tolerate long cable runs. These advantages, combined with simple unshielded two-wire cabling, make ...
    Circuits » Interfaces » Texas Instruments » LM317HV, LMC6081
  3. Maxwell Strange EDN Forget to turn off the ceiling fan in your bathroom? Install the simple timer in Figure 1. It's located out-of-sight in the fan unit, and you turn it on via the wall switch. The circuit costs virtually nothing, using junk ...
  4. Peter Demchenko EDN Low-current switching regulator ICs often use a Darlington as the output switch. The power conversion efficiency in this case can be improved with the help of only two cheap components. To make this possible, the chip should ...
  5. John Ardizzoni EDN Designed as a high-speed driver for 12-bit ADCs, the AD8137 controls SPDT GaAs (gallium-arsenide) FET-MMIC (microwave-monolithic-IC) and PIN-diode RF switches and thus provides a low-cost and versatile alternative to conventional ...
  6. Bill Reeve Electronic Design Commercial curve tracers have existed for decades. But designers without access to one can create a simple circuit that uses a function generator and oscilloscope to generate JFET transfer and characteristic curves. The ...
  7. Eliot Johnston EDN Keeping low-voltage outdoor lights illuminated takes some effort. Bulbs burn out, and connections corrode. HB LEDs (high-brightness light-emitting diodes) seem like acceptable replacements, but most are available only in ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light » Cree » C535A-WJN
  8. Marc Ysebaert EDN Although a monolithic low-dropout regulator has superior dynamic characteristics, the discrete regulator in this Design Idea is so simple that you can adapt it to many purposes. Using a common transistor, it has a dropout voltage ...
    Circuits » Supply » Vishay » SFH617A
  9. Jim Williams Mark Thoren EDN Although quartz crystals have served as temperature sensors, designers haven't taken advantage of the technology because few manufacturers offer the sensors as standard products (references 1 and 2 ). In contrast to ...
    Circuits » Measurement » Microchip » PIC16F73
  10. Bin Wu, Analog Devices Design Note 572 Introduction The LT8672 is an active rectifier controller that (along with a MOSFET) provides reverse current protection and rectification for power supplies in automotive environments. This job is ...
    Circuits » Supply » Analog Devices » LT8650S, LT8672

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