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  1. Marko Kannisto, Maxim Integrated Application Note 5147 Part 1. There are thermal issues to consider. With a 12 V supply voltage and a 4 Ω load, the amplifier's efficiency with 20 WRMS output power is approximately 85%. We can calculate how ...
    Circuits » Audio · Wireless » Maxim » MAX98400A
  2. Marko Kannisto, Maxim Integrated Application Note 5147 Pretend that the weather is warm and it is a nice time to be outdoors chatting with friends. You want some background music, but where will it come from? When people want portable music, they ...
    Circuits » Audio · Wireless » Maxim » MAX98400A
  3. Lyle Russell Williams EDN A direct-conversion radio receiver required an audio gain of 450 from a pentode vacuum tube. A pentode has a high transconductance that is, the ratio of the change in plate current to the change of the control grid voltage ...
    Circuits » Audio » 6AU6
  4. Petre Petrov EDN The popular 555 timer ( LMC555 , SE555 , NE555 , HA555 ) can be used as a PWM/Class-D amplifier for musical instruments or other applications. It can use a wide supply range of 4.5-16 V and produce 200 mA of drive. The audio is fed ...
    Circuits » Audio » LMC555, SE555, NE555, HA555
  5. Petre Petrov Electronic Design This all-analog circuit provides three key waveforms simultaneously and at the same frequency within the audio band. It is useful for evaluating audio systems, transformers, cables, and other electrical installations. ...
    Circuits » Audio · Oscillators » LM386
  6. Ajoy Raman Electronic Design A common PC sound card can be used as a sine/square/triangle function generator, but the output suffers from limited rail-to-rail swing, plus its zero-centered has no DC offset. This circuit overcomes these constraints ...
  7. The objective of this project is to build an Arduino voice shield to empower thousands of voice related applications! All this mostly thanks to an integrated ISD1790PY chip (Figure 1). Figure 1. Voice Shield for Arduino This particular voice/TTS ...
  8. Dimitri Danyuk, Miami, FL The diaphragm of a condenser microphone is the movable plate of a capacitor. With a polarized capacitor, the vibration of the diaphragm in relation to the back plate produces an ac audio-output voltage. The condenser ...
  9. All waveforms, no matter what you scribble or observe in the universe, are actually just the sum of simple sinusoids of different frequencies. Hi, I am just refreshing the basics of fourier transform. I am not an expert. Now I did a small audio ...
  10. On my desktop PC I have a speakers and a headphones. Usually I use headphones, but when I need to switch to speakers I need to physically plug in speakers instead of headphones to my PC’s soundcard. I wanted to solve this problem for a long ...

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