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  1. Vishay Intertechnology released new bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) ESD protection diodes in the compact SOT-323 package. Measuring only 2.3 mm by 2.1 mm with a low 0.95 mm profile, the space-saving Vishay Semiconductors single-line VLIN26A1-03G ...
    Discretes » Vishay » VLIN26A1-03G, VCAN26A2-03G
  2. Diodes Incorporated introduced the DLLFSD01x switching diodes. This new family of diodes is aimed at designers who require ultra-low leakage and super-fast switching speeds and target LCD displays, portable electronics and numerous computer and ...
    Discretes » Diodes » DLLFSD01T-7, DLLFSD01LPH4-7B, DLLFSD01LP3
  3. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new surface-mount Power Metal Strip® resistor featuring a high 1 W power rating in the compact 0805 package size. Designed to save space in automotive and computer applications, the Vishay Dale WSLP0805...18 ...
    Discretes · Automotive » Vishay » WSLP0805...18
  4. MICRO FOOT® Device Features Industry-Low RDS(ON) for 20 V MOSFETs With 1 mm or 0.7 mm Square Outlines in Ratings Down to 1.2 V Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new TrenchFET® 20 V n-channel MOSFET in the chipscale MICRO FOOT® 0.8 mm ...
    Discretes » Vishay » Si8824EDB
  5. Vishay Intertechnology announced a new AEC-Q200 -qualified version of its PTS series of platinum SMD flat chip temperature sensors. Designed to provide accurate and stable temperature sensing for automotive, space, and industrial electronics, ...
    Discretes · Automotive » Vishay » PTS AT
  6. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of silicone-coated axial lead wirewound resistors. Providing superior short-term energy surge protection compared to standard wirewound devices, Vishay Dale CW - High Energy series resistors can also ...
    Discretes » Vishay » CW02B...HE, CW005...HE, CW010...HE
  7. NXP introduced a new device specifically designed to protect NFC antennas in mobile devices from transient voltages. The PESD18VF1BSF is an 18 V bidirectional diode with ultra-low capacitance down to 0.23 pF. It extends our existing portfolio of ...
    Discretes · Wireless » NXP » PESD18VF1BSF, PESD18VF1BL, PESD24VF1BL
  8. Optimized for reducing switching, conduction driver power losses to boost efficiency ON Semiconductor has further expanded its broad portfolio of power MOSFETs with new, high efficiency single n-channel devices targeted at data networking, ...
    Discretes · Power » ON Semiconductor » NTMFS5C404NL, NTMFS5C410NL, NTMFS5C442NL, NTMFS5C604NL, NTMFS5C612NL, NTMFS5C646NL
  9. 600 V and 650 V Devices Offer Low Forward Voltage and IRRM for Motor Drives, UPS, and Solar and Welding Inverters Vishay Intertechnology introduced 28 new 600 V and 650 V FRED Pt® Gen 4 Ultrafast recovery diodes optimized for high-frequency ...
  10. Infineon Technologies Bipolar has further extended its family of bipolar semiconductors with an optically triggered thyristor that can improve the reliability, lower the system cost and simplify the design of ultra-high-power applications. ...

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