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  1. MICRO FOOT® Device Features Industry's Lowest On-Resistance for a 20 V MOSFET in the 1 mm Square Footprint Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new TrenchFET® 20 V n-channel MOSFET designed to save space, decrease power consumption, and ...
    Discretes · Arduino » Vishay » Si8410DB, SI8410DB-T2-E1
  2. Vishay Intertechnology released a new 20 V n-channel TrenchFET® power MOSFET in the ultra-compact, thermally enhanced PowerPAK® SC-70 package. Providing increased power density and reliability for portable electronics, the Vishay Siliconix ...
    Discretes · Power » Vishay » SiA466EDJ
  3. Infineon Technologies AG introduced a new class of low saturation voltage V CE(SAT) IGBTs specifically optimized for low switching frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. These can typically be found in applications such as Uninterruptible Power ...
  4. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new automotive-grade IHLP® low-profile, high-current inductor in the 4040 case size featuring an industry-high continuous operating temperature range to +180 C. Offering a low profile of 4.0 mm, the Vishay ...
    Discretes · Automotive · Power » Vishay » IHLP-4040DZ-8A
  5. Vishay Intertechnology introduced new AEC-Q101-qualified, 100 V to 600 V standard rectifiers that combine ESD capability with a wide range of current from 10 A to 20 A. For space-constrained application, the new SE10DxHM3/1 , SE12DxHM3/1 , and ...
    Discretes · Automotive · Power » Vishay » SE10DBHM3/I, SE10DDHM3/I, SE10DGHM3/I, SE10DJHM3/I, SE12DBHM3/I, SE12DDHM3/I, SE12DGHM3/I, SE12DJHM3/I, SE20DBHM3/I, SE20DDHM3/I, SE20DGHM3/I
  6. Efficient Power Conversion introduces the EPC2102, 60 V and EPC2103, 80 V half bridges, expanding its award winning family of gallium nitride power transistor products EPC announces the EPC2102 , 60 V and the EPC2103 , 80 V enhancement-mode ...
    Discretes · Power » Efficient Power Conversion » EPC2102, EPC2103
  7. Vishay Intertechnology announced the addition of 11 new devices to its 500 V series of high-voltage MOSFETs optimized for operation in switch mode power supplies (SMPS) to 500 W. Featuring the same benefits of extremely low conduction and switching ...
    Discretes · Power » Vishay » SiHD12N50E, SiHP12N50E, SiHB12N50E, SiHA12N50E, SiHP15N50E, SiHB15N60E, SiHA15N50E, SiHG20N50E, SiHP20N50E, SiHB20N50E, SiHA20N50E
  8. Vishay Intertechnology released a new bidirectional and symmetrical (BiAs) single-line ESD protection diode for portable electronics that provides a reverse avalanche breakdown voltage above 15.5 V and a low forward voltage in the ultra-compact ...
    Discretes » Vishay » VESD15A1-HD1-G4-08
  9. Vishay Intertechnology launched two new IHLP® low-profile, high-current inductors in the 2020 case size with high operating temperatures to +155 C. Offering low profiles of 3 mm, the Vishay Dale IHLP-2020CZ-51 and automotive-grade ...
    Discretes · Supply · Power » Vishay » IHLP-2020CZ-51, IHLP-2020CZ-5A
  10. Diodes Incorporated has extended its line of ultra-small discrete products for spacecritical product design. The company has announced a trio of small-signal MOSFETs in the tiny DFN0606 package: 20 V and 30 V rated N-channel transistors and a 30 V ...
    Discretes » Diodes » DMN2990UFZ, DMN31D5UFZ, DMP32D9UFZ

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